Fintech Report 2016

2016 was a roller coaster year for financial services. Between the election of Trump, and the Brexit vote, key questions were raised about the future structure and regulatory environment of financial services. One thing that hasn’t changed in 2016, however, is Fintech’s forward march of progress, changing the way financial institutions operate. We’ve rounded up the top Fintech trends from 2016, along with 2017 predictions from industry experts. Read the full report below.


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Why Onboarding Automation?
You can't scale your business without it.


  • Reduces 85% of onboarding processes to sub 1 hour for traditional financial services companies in Payments, Wealth Management, Insurance, and Leasing

  • Eliminates 95% of processing errors, manual review and process inefficiencies

Client onboarding in financial services is unbelievably complex. Thousands of paper documents and hundreds of web forms circulate across dozens of technology platforms and legacy systems, creating a frustrating and dated experience for clients, and an administratively expensive process for the institution.

In payments, there’s Square. In wealth, Wealthfront. Insurance? Zenefits. Today these companies are a threat on the horizon. Tomorrow, they’ll be your direct competitor.

With paper processes creating expensive inefficiencies, and innovative fintech startups coming for your customers, you can’t afford to not have a fast, digital, and fully integrated process for client onboarding.

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What are the Agreement Express Onboarding Platform Components?

Our SaaS platform automates the complete end-to-end process of onboarding a new client. It is so much more than the sum of its parts.

One place to manage all client onboarding documents

Agreement Express makes it easy to store, view, and retrieve all client data that is inputted through our SaaS platform

Build guided web pages for a faster, more intuitive form-filling experience

Collaborate on client onboarding documents in real-time to prevent unnecessary back-and-forth

Manage who gets what documents and in which order

Customize document priority order for each member of your risk team, and easily reconfigure based on changing priorities and workload

Agreement Express manages the end-to-end business process of onboarding a new client, or changing the product/service that a current client is receiving

Time-stamped recording of all client document events for compliance

Edit and customize client onboarding forms to match specific client needs

Keep track of all of your client information in one place

Sign documents digitally for a faster, more secure authentication process

Our team of business analysts will help you assess how to most effectively improve your client onboarding process based on your current systems and structure

While not essential for every industry, our powerful platform extensions automate critical onboarding-adjacent processes such as underwriting, KYC checks, identity verification, language support, and more.

Integrate with outside data sources to get near-instant KYC checks

Securely verify client identity with near-instant validation through third party services.

Quickly determine “pass, fail, review” based on an automated Risk Scorecard

Provide multi-language support with the Language Extension

What Could a Typical Onboarding Engagement Look Like?
Step 1

The client being onboarded receives a link and begins the onboarding process through a self-service webpage to complete a digital application

Features: Forms Editor, Landing Page Builder, Digital Signature
Step 2

The client begins filling in the application by only completing mandatory fields, attaches supporting documents from their device, and signs with a digital signature

If data is incorrect, a team member can “rewind” the digital signature to make the correction, and then re-submit to the client to sign off

Features: Landing Page Builder, Digital Signature, Enterprise Service Bus, ID Verification, Document Collaboration Platform
Step 3

Once the application is complete, it is reviewed and signed off on by any necessary actors like salespeople, advisors, QA, or management. Once the necessary digital signatures are in place, customer data can be automatically verified through third-party party API integration, cutting down manual KYC time

Features: Document Queuing, Digital Signature, Third Party Integrations
Step 4

After reviewing necessary KYC information, the assigned document manager makes notes and signs off or escalates the agreement for review by a Manager

Features: Document Management System, Work Queue
Step 5

Once the application is complete, the most powerful tool is Reporting. Reporting allows your organization to:

Improve inefficiencies by reviewing the time, speed, and integrity of all applications

Features: Data Reporting, Data Warehouse, Temporal Reporting
Final Step
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