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Lettings Onboarding

You want to grow your Lettings business to manage more lettings contracts than the competition. The only way to do that without doubling your employee count is to arm your agents with mobile contract software that integrates with the back office.

Agreement Express offers a fully digital, centralized document management solution for lettings to ease the back-office burden. Plain and simple, these are the outcomes of using the Agreement Express onboarding platform:

  • Get leases signed faster

  • Reduce administrative cost and time

  • Free advisors up to sell more

  • Scale the business without doubling employee count

  • Digitally renew leases

  • Improve the experience for agents and clients

With Agreement Express, one Lettings Agency:
saved 50% in administrative costs

When it comes to Lettings onboarding, customers want to sign and renew their agreements online. They expect it. Not only will a digital process delight your customers and agents, it will liberate your back-office team so you can scale the business.

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What Lettings Onboarding Can Look Like with Agreement Express?

  • The salesperson can automatically initiate digital document packages without the need for the back-office team
  • Lettings agreements can be digitally filled out and signed, from any device connected to the internet
  • With automated signing workflows, lettings agreements automatically “move” where they need to go after each signing. Agreements get completed in one day
  • Clients can easily renew agreements from home on the device of their choosing
  • The lettings agency gains powerful visibility into client data through our dashboard. For example: Which areas are the most popular for lease? Which areas yield the highest rent?

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