“Sage was looking for a way to speed up our merchant adjudication process and automate. Not only did we enhance our underwriting process, we also gained an entire merchant signature and onboarding experience.”

Todd Metheny, Sage Payment Solutions

Payments Onboarding

Onboarding is a complicated and expensive process with many steps that involve multiple lines of business. You’re probably here reading this because you’d like your process to be more efficient or less costly. The challenge is, you’re not an onboarding expert and you’d rather be focusing on other objectives that move your business forward. Think of us as your onboarding partners and Agreement Express as the single tool to solve your time and cost challenge.  Plain and simple, these are the outcomes of using the Agreement Express onboarding platform:

  • Acquire more customers faster

  • Reduce administrative overhead

  • Improve operational efficiency and reporting

  • Free up IT to work on higher value initiatives

  • Create operational scalability and agility

With Agreement Express, one merchant acquirer:

Reduced cost of onboarding by 95%

Decreased customer onboarding time from weeks to minutes

With Square onboarding merchants in mere minutes, merchant expectations are changing around the world. You can’t afford to not keep up.

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“The payments space is moving very rapidly and we are being forced to innovate and adapt. The customer onboarding process is one area where technology makes a really big difference.”

Oliver Harding-Fleet, Head of Product and Innovation, Global Payments UK

Agreement Express Core Onboarding Platform

Our SaaS platform automates the complete end-to-end process of onboarding a new client. It is so much more than the sum of its parts.

These are the tools and features of our core onboarding platform that help you onboard your customers in a fraction of the time.

One place to manage all client onboarding documents

Agreement Express makes it easy to store, view, and retrieve all client data that is inputted through our SaaS platform

Build guided web pages for a faster, more intuitive form-filling experience

Collaborate on client onboarding documents in real-time to prevent unnecessary back-and-forth

Manage who gets what documents and in which order

Customize document priority order for each member of your risk team, and easily reconfigure based on changing priorities and workload

Agreement Express manages the end-to-end business process of onboarding a new client, or changing the product/service that a current client is receiving

Time-stamped recording of all client document events for compliance

Edit and customize client onboarding forms to match specific client needs

Keep track of all of your client information in one place

Sign documents digitally for a faster, more secure authentication process

Easily search, aggregate, and visualize any piece of collected client data

Payments Extensions

These powerful platform extensions can automate critical processes such as:

Organize and queue client applications for underwriters in a central document management system, and automatically calculate a merchant Risk Score in our Risk Scorecard.

Quickly send client data to third-party data sources for near-instant KYC checks.

Once your team has fulfilled all of the onboarding and compliance requirements, it’s time for fulfillment. The Document Transfer and Securitization extension allow your organization to manage the leasing of payment terminals and process the chattel paper.

Payments Onboarding with Agreement Express

This is what a typical onboarding process could look like with the Agreement Express platform.

Step 1

The merchant receives a link from the acquirer or ISO of the acquirer, and begins the onboarding process through a self-service webpage to complete a digital application.

  • The application is hosted on mobile-responsive landing pages that can be completed on any Internet-enabled device
Features: Forms Editor, Landing Page Builder, Digital Signature
Step 2

The merchant begins filling in the application by only completing mandatory fields, attaches supporting documents from their device, and signs with a digital signature.

  • If data is missing or incorrect, a team member can “rewind” the digital signature to make the correction, and then re-submit to the merchant to sign off
Features: Landing Page Builder, Digital Signature, Enterprise Service Bus, ID Verification, Document Collaboration Platform
Step 3

Once the application is complete, it is reviewed by and signed off on by any necessary actors like salespeople, QA, or management. Once the necessary digital signatures are in place, the document routes itself to the back office (or underwriting).

  • Workflows that dictate the way a document travels within your organization are fully configurable and customizable
Features: Document Queuing, Digital Signature
Step 4

The completed application is then sent into an underwriter’s Work Queue. Underwriters or back office employees log into Agreement Express daily to view their Work Queues which house all applications for review.

  • The Work Queue is a tool that helps Compliance Managers allocate their team’s resources appropriately, and re-distribute workload when necessary for efficiency
Features: Document Management System, Work Queue
Step 5

In the Queue an underwriter views a series of live links that are open applications with your organization. Underwriting is one of the most common extensions of onboarding and is used at this stage in the form of a Risk Scorecard. The Risk Scorecard assigns numeric values to the data collected in the onboarding process and calculates an overall risk score based on your specific risk profile.

  • The risk Scorecard highlights specific factors that need to be reviewed or resolved before the applicant can be processed
Features: Analytics Engine, Work Queue
Step 6

After reviewing the final score, the underwriter makes notes and signs off OR escalates the agreement for review by a Manager. The Manager can view the underwriter’s notes and questions within the application.

  • With underwriting automation you can even achieve straight-through processing for applications that meet your passable criteria
Features: Document Management System
Step 7

Once the application is complete, the most powerful tool is Reporting. Reporting allows your organization to:

  • Tune your risk model by reviewing all applications to understand which ones fall just outside of your Risk Threshold. How many of those were perfectly good applications your organization rejected? Reporting makes it quick and easy to find out, so you don’t leave money on the table
Features: Data Reporting, Data Warehouse, Temporal Reporting
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