Live Webinar – The Labor Dept. Fiduciary Rule: Comply, Compete, and Pave the Way

The April 10 applicability date for the Department of Labor’s Fiduciary Rule is just around the corner and only 11% of advisors are prepared. Join us on February 2 to learn how documentation and transparency can ease compliance pains.


Wealth Management Onboarding

Onboarding is commonly referred to as all the “paperwork” that has to happen before an advisor can begin officially working with a new client. You’re probably here reading this because your advisors are unproductive and unhappy, your clients are expecting digital processes with the advent of robo-advisors, and you want to build a more efficient firm. Plain and simple, these are the outcomes of using the Agreement Express onboarding platform:

  • Onboard clients faster on a digital platform

  • Reduce administrative overhead

  • Simplify compliance processes and inter-departmental communication

  • Free up advisors to do what they’re best at

  • Create operational scalability and agility

With Agreement Express, one Wealth Management firm:
Reduced administrative costs by 50%

Reduced abandonment rate by 30%

When it comes to onboarding, robo-advisors are more than a threat. They are creating a client expectation that wealth management can and should be digital, just like the rest of their lives. You can’t afford to stick with your old paper-based processes.

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Agreement Express Core Onboarding Platform Components

Our SaaS platform automates the complete end-to-end process of onboarding a new client. It is so much more than the sum of its parts.

These are the tools and features of our core onboarding platform that help you onboard your customers in a fraction of the time.

One place to manage all client onboarding documents

Agreement Express makes it easy to store, view, and retrieve all client data that is inputted through our SaaS platform

Build guided web pages for a faster, more intuitive form-filling experience

Collaborate on client onboarding documents in real-time to prevent unnecessary back-and-forth

Manage who gets what documents and in which order

Customize document priority order for each member of your risk team, and easily reconfigure based on changing priorities and workload

Agreement Express manages the end-to-end business process of onboarding a new client, or changing the product/service that a current client is receiving

Time-stamped recording of all client document events for compliance

Edit and customize client onboarding forms to match specific client needs

Keep track of all of your client information in one place

Sign documents digitally for a faster, more secure authentication process

Easily search, aggregate, and visualize any piece of collected client data.

Wealth Management Extensions

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Reduce manual processing and time involved in the Account Transfer process by automating.

Make it even easier for your advisors in the field to open new accounts in more languages. Serve your multi-lingual customers faster by presenting forms in other languages, helping bridge the communication gap and getting accounts opened in less time. Language extensions include: French, Spanish, Korean, Punjabi, Cantonese, and more.

Onboard existing and new advisors into your organization in less time, and with less team resources. With the HR extension your organization can mass upload an advisor’s book of business and easily issue New Account Opening or Account Transfer actions.

Wealth Management Onboarding Workflow

Step 1

Any type of account opening/update can be initiated from any number of channels, whether it be sales initiated, a secure url on a web-page, or from within another system (such as a CRM).

  • Advisor logs into Agreement Express with email. Advisor logs into Agreement Express with email from the dashboard, they can search clients through I.D., First Name, Last Name, or another value
Features: Data Warehouse, Document Management System
Step 2

Landing pages will create the best possible experience for the advisor, reducing the time and cost of the process.

  • Dynamic landing pages ensure that only relevant information is asked for from the advisor and their client
Features: Landing Page Builder, Forms Editor
Step 3

Application is sent to client via email, or can be completed in person, on any device. Again, fields are validated, only relevant questions are asked.

  • Once the app is complete and signed, it can be automatically routed to necessary parties for review and signature (quality assurance, beneficiaries, managers etc)
Features: Document Management System, Digital Signature, Document Collaboration Platform
Step 4

Once application is submitted correct and complete, API calls can be made to CRMs, WM systems, etc, to update client records automatically and to initiate business.

  • Data collected along with meta-data collected during client onboarding can be reported on using Agreement Express reports
Features: Data Warehouse, Enterprise Service Bus, Data Reporting
Step 5

Advisors can check up on a single client’s transaction history, or the state of their entire portfolio, within Agreement Express and it’s extensions. The client dashboard gives advisors the tools they need to offer their clients a world-class experience.

  • KYC updates can be completed in minutes. KYC updates can be completed in minutes. For advisors with large portfolios, KYC update forms with client information pre-filled can be sent out periodically as required
Features: Temporal Reporting, Data Reporting, Landing Page Builder, Forms Editor, Enterprise Service Bus
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