Underwriting and Onboarding Software Solutions.

Reduce risk in underwriting and speed up the onboarding process with powerful technology customized to fit your needs.

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Many Growing Financial Service Providers Use Agreement Express.


Experience Rapid Growth with Our Software.

Increase onboarding speed

Digitize Onboarding and See Revenue Soar.

Give your merchants a 5 minute Stripe-like experience with our onboarding solutions that move your application process online.


Reduce NIGO rates by 30%

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Make more informed decisions with resources and data tracking

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Manage merchants easily with self serve forms

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Increase sales up to 30% with straight-through processing

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Decrease underwriting risk

Automate Underwriting and Save Days of Time.

Software that decreases time-to-decision while reducing risk and staying compliant.

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Take underwriting time from days to minutes

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Process 10x more applications per underwriter


See a 70% reduction in merchant abandonment

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Save up to $60 in third-party fees per application


Seamless and Secure Data Management, So You Don't Have to Choose Between Easy and Safe.

We keep all your documents organized and bundled by account for easy access and lifecycle tracking. Plus, our data integrates into any platform in your tech stack, so you can have everything you need, in every place you need it.


Simplify wealth management

Keep Client Data in One Secure Place.

Keep track of every document, every step of the way. Stay on top of your account opening process and get insights on those tasks and time management with Agreement Express.

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Accelerate time to revenue

Group 1703

Reduce NIGO rates to almost 0%

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Leverage our multi-custodian partnerships

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Transition your clients in mere days

Increase onboarding speed

Open accounts fast by integrating with your existing CRM.

Transfer your clients; approve, send, and track documents; view your tasks; all in one secure place that integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. Our dashboard truly has it all.

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Review, sign, and send documents in one place

Group 1699

View timelines of documents and open cases

Group 1705

Maintain a secure paper trail of all documents


Identify time management issues in processes with a dashboard overview



Seamless and secure data management, so you don’t have to choose between easy and safe.

We keep all your documents organized and bundled by account for easy access and lifecycle tracking. Plus, our data integrates into any platform in your tech stack, so you can have everything you need, in every place you need it.


See how much new revenue you could be generating

Use Our ROI calculator to Find Out.


What Our Current Clients are Saying About Our Solutions:


Leveraging AEX as our digital onboarding tool allows us the opportunity to better serve our clients, faster and more effectively. The AEX solution provides an optimal onboarding experience and streamlines our internal operational efficiencies.



Anyone who comes from any sort of Underwriting background should have no issues figuring this out. It does what it says and it works very well.



As a payment facilitator, being able to automatically approve our merchants is critical to our business and it’s Agreement Express’s technology that’s really allowed us to get there.


SVP Acquiring & Payments at BlueSnap

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Without having that automation, quick turn around; you’re really not able to be as competitive in the marketplace as we are now.