8 Ways Workspace Boosts Business with Agreement Express


April 15, 2022

Are you struggling to meet your company’s objectives? The Agreement Express Workspace is the secret sauce you need to crush your goals. 

In the days before business went digital, a messy workspace was no big deal. You brushed aside a few piles of papers, cleaned your coffee cups, and got on with the job. Now, with companies relying on an ever-expanding tech stack, mess isn’t just an inconvenience, it’s a productivity-killer.

Chaotic user interfaces, an endless number of open tabs, competing apps – it’s easy to waste your time and energy juggling different tech tools. Not to mention increasing the risk that something will fall through the cracks and cost you clients.

The new Workspace with Agreement Express refocuses you on what really matters. How? By streamlining your operational activities under one virtual roof. Stay on top of client applications, company reports, documentation, business analytics, and more – all from one centralized hub where every aspect of the merchant lifecycle is accessible in just a few clicks. 

From Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) to merchant acquirers, everyone in the payments industry can supercharge their merchant portfolio management and growth with this organizational tool. Clients are already raving about the platform’s clean look and feel, the ability to customize it for different team members, and the enhanced visibility into account activity. Track your own deadlines and action items, while also keeping a close eye on what your team is up to – Workspace gives you a 360 degree view of everything that’s happening in your organization.

From start to finish, Workspace is designed with end users in mind. From the junior staff member who gets burned out jumping from one tech tool to another, to senior executives who need insight and transparency to effectively manage and monitor their teams.

And there’s no need for time-consuming training. The platform is so intuitive, flexible, and simple to use that even the most tech-shy employees can right dive in and start realizing those sweet efficiency gains.


8 ways Workspace adds value for merchant service providers


1. Google-esque search and filtering

Spreadsheets and folders are fine when you’re managing 5 merchants at a time, but what happens if you are growing to 50, or 500 applications? An inferior search tool is a barrier to your business’ growth, hampering your ability to scale up and take on more clients. 

The Workspace search and filter function allows for fast and efficient data retrieval so you don’t need to deploy the office equivalent of a search and rescue team next time you need to double check a client agreement. 

There’s a reason Google is one of the world’s biggest companies – the right search function is priceless.


2. Personalized interfaces, tailored for your individual needs

Highly customizable, Workspace caters to the unique needs of your separate internal divisions and sales channels. 

Underwriters can improve their risk management framework by filtering clients according to Merchant Category Codes and other identifying criteria. Sales can prioritize metrics like projected volume, region and/or rep code. With Workspace, each user can choose their own layout, filters, and unique action items to create an interface that works for them, no matter their role or responsibilities.


3. Seamless and secure document sharing 

Productivity thrives in a collaborative atmosphere and your staff needs to be able to coordinate effectively to deliver top quality services.

Workspace facilitates this crucial collaboration by making it easy to share documents and communicate across departments and between individual employees. You can even designate an admin to create team and organization-wide standards around sharing and editing files to safeguard sensitive materials.


4. Actionable insights to clear backlogs

Knowing your numbers makes for better business but simply compiling figures around sales, engagement, and agreements won’t automatically translate into a beefed-up bottom line. 

Workspace helps you drill down on the data, providing actionable insights so you can eliminate frustrating bottlenecks. If you’ve hit a hurdle compiling your NIGO documents, find yourself at the back of a very long queue in underwriting, or are simply waiting for sales to follow-up, you can target those traffic jams to get things moving smoothly again.


5. Enhanced visibility of the merchant account lifecycle

We’ve all been there. It’s the last day of the quarter and you’re this close to hitting your number. Imagine if you could see where the hold-ups are in real time, what signatures or approvals are needed, and even keep track of which particular client you’re waiting on when accounts have multiple signatories.

With the Workspace Details tab nothing escapes your attention, giving you and your clients complete peace of mind. It’s as easy as logging in, seeing what needs to be done, and getting to work.


6. Clean Action Bar for faster workflows

Toolbars can be a mess magnet, giving you a headache-inducing list of functions you don’t need or even understand. Designed to make agreement management more intuitive, the Workspace action bar provides a simple list of buttons so you can instantly initiate your next steps – whether that’s resending it to the client, assigning it to a new staff member, or updating client contact information.

All options are instantly accessible from the action bar so there’s no shuffling through tabs or painstakingly opening each agreement, one by one. Quick, easy, and simple, this is a substantial time-saver that’ll change the way you work.


7. Advanced reporting for better risk management

Underwriting teams in particular will love the Workspace reporting function which collates and sorts all the data-driven resources they need for robust risk management. 

Managers also get a helping hand with resource management by seeing reams of information, presented in a secure, easy-to-understand format.


8. Sales channel & partner enablement

Whether you’ve already established a partner portfolio, or are positioning yourself to take on partners in future, Workspace enhances partner enablement with branded and customizable solutions.

Workspace’s Access Control feature allows you to create Access Control Groups (ACGs) to support sales teams, partners, branches, offices, and more. When you enable this tool, all created agreements will be associated with a specific Access Control Group. 

Within an ACG, you can control which members of your organization are able to view agreements related to each channel, who can make ScanX Risk Underwriting decisions, and who is able to manage the members of the groups. 

Of course, you’ll still want to keep an eye on these semi-independent entities once they’re up and running, and our customized reporting allows you to do just that, providing complete visibility of all the ACGs and their disparate activities.


Transformative tech

Agreement Express’ market-leading solutions streamline core business functions so merchant acquirers can enjoy reliable service, strengthened risk management, and quicker processing. 

Our upgraded Workspace doubles down on this commitment to practical innovation, leveraging technology to supercharge your business and deliver measurable results. Don’t waste time agonizing over digital paperwork or chasing down documents, talk to us today and discover a new way to work.

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