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Our vision is faster, smarter, easier onboarding for all financial institutions. We believe technology should be agile to keep pace with the rapidly changing market, giving organizations the flexibility required to remain competitive.

Industry Innovation

We put complete back-office optimization at the heart of our customer experience solution. In a competitive environment rife with threats from disruptors, regulatory pressures and increasing client demands, financial institutions cannot afford to wait months to launch an onboarding solution. Leave behind the over-engineered legacy systems of tomorrow; you can't predict or outrun the future.

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Flexible Technology

Driving change doesn't happen overnight, but it doesn't have to take two years either. That's why Agreement Express is developed to deploy faster than any other solution on the market. In a matter of weeks, an organization can be up and running with Agreement Express, learning about their processes and using live business insights to drive further operational improvements.

We believe technology should be agile to keep pace with the rapidly changing market, giving organizations the flexibility needed to remain competitive.

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Ongoing Development

We make a significant commitment to research and development, which has been consistent throughout our history. We choose to work alongside our clients to understand short and long-term requirements. This emphasis puts us at the forefront of digital onboarding excellence and innovation, including emerging capabilities in Artificial Intelligence.

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Industry Standard

Agreement Express is quickly becoming the industry standard as it gains market recognition as a global innovator of digital transformation. We empower financial services to remain innovative and competitive, with a direct impact to their bottom line.


We're gaining recognition as one of the most successful growth companies in fintech. At the heart of our company is talented team of professionals committed to helping our clients build new business models in a disruptive era.

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Photo of David O'Brien

David O'Brien

Chief Executive Officer

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Mike Gardner

Chief Strategy Officer

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Brad Carlyle

Chief Financial Officer

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Mike Christie

Chief Technology Officer

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Wendy Best

Vice President of HR and Strategic Projects

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Nick LaGarde

Vice President of Client Delivery


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