Agreement Express Officially Launched Their New Workspace

April 26, 2022


On April 21st, Agreement Express debuted a redesign of its platform that allows its clients to manage their entire merchant portfolio with ease. This new Workspace with Agreement Express streamlines your operational activities under one virtual roof so you can focus on what really matters. Stay on top of client applications, company reports, documentation, business analytics, and more – all from one centralized hub where every aspect of the merchant lifecycle is accessible in just a few clicks.

Workspace is redesigned for wholesale ISOs, payment facilitators, and other rapidly growing payment companies to easily manage their applications. Keeping the end-user in mind, the new workspace benefits your entire team by adding greater efficiency and ease of use. From the junior staff member who gets burned out jumping from one tech tool to another, to senior executives who need insight and transparency to effectively manage and monitor their teams. Some of the newest features include:

Agreement Grid – Filter, search, and even rearrange your own columns

Manage Views – Customize your workspace and keep track of your priorities with Custom Views.

Details Card – Each details card highlights key, actionable information for an Agreement. Follow an Agreement’s journey using the timeline to find its current status and upcoming events to completion.

Action bar – Resend, Assign, or Cancel an agreement from the Action Bar.

Workspace is built to be easily customizable to easily scale and report on your onboarding, underwriting, and monitoring process as well as keep a close eye on what your team is up to at all times. Underwriting managers can easily view account activity such as the ability to track multiple caseloads for a team of underwriters.

The new workspace truly gives you a 360 degree view of everything that’s happening in your organization.

About Agreement Express

Agreement Express is a SaaS solution that allows payments firms to provide a unique, seamless and secure underwriting and onboarding experience for clients and partners — all of which results in increased levels of merchant acquisition and brand loyalty. The platform includes a proprietary risk scorecard that allows payfacs, acquirers and ISOs to assess merchant risk and underwrite merchant applications automatically and in a matter of minutes. This means that customers are able to acquire a higher volume of the merchants in a shorter amount of time. The platform also allows our clients’ customers to set up accounts and onboard merchants quickly and digitally.

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