Agreement Express Welcomes New Customer F1 Payments

AEX Empowers F1 Payments to Digitally Underwrite and Onboard Merchants Quickly and Seamlessly

Vancouver, B.C. —Aug. 14, 2019 — Agreement Express, a leading client onboarding software platform for financial services, announces F1 Payments as its newest customer. F1 Payments is a fintech company focused on increasing business velocity for all constituents in the payments ecosystem. The company makes payments frictionless from start-to-finish, while providing a highly-personal and consultative approach and building trusted relationships with key industry players. F1 Payments will use the Agreement Express platform to streamline merchant underwriting and onboarding.


“We’re proud to call F1 Payments our customer,” says Brandon Yttri, Senior Account Executive at Agreement Express. “The team at F1 is deeply committed to acting as “one” with their partners and clients — offering services and resources that are relevant to the growth of their businesses. It was evident from our first conversations that F1 was hyper-focused on providing partners and customers a seamless, secure and efficient experience during the underwriting and onboarding processes. Their customer-centric approach to partnership was a catalyst for investment in the Agreement Express platform — a concrete demonstration of their dedication to providing relevant and innovative resources that fuel growth for clients and partners.”


How F1 Payments is using Agreement Express to drive exceptional customer experience (CX) and grow the bottom line.

F1 is leveraging the robust capabilities of the Agreement Express platform as part of its ongoing strategy to reduce friction for clients and partners across the entire payments value chain, all while delivering game-changing CX. Here’s how:




“We are rapidly executing on our strategy of providing frictionless payments for all parties involved in the payments ecosystem,” says Chad Anselmo, President of F1 Payments. “The payments industry is complex, convoluted, and all too often, not customer-centric. We take a different approach to our relationships with partners and clients — always striving to remove roadblocks, alleviate pains and reduce the frustrations that often come during underwriting, onboarding and other back-office processes. Adding Agreement Express to our to our tech stack allows us to provide a unique, seamless and secure underwriting and onboarding experience for our clients and partners — all of which results in increased levels of merchant acquisition and brand loyalty.”



About Agreement Express (AEX)

Agreement Express is the leading client onboarding platform for financial services. The Agreement Express platform allows financial institutions to design and execute consistent automated onboarding experiences across their product offerings and channels while providing deep analytics that enable proactive and personalized client advice.

The platform is the first of its kind to help top-performing firms gather, use, and reuse client data to improve and evolve rich customer experiences. Agreement Express enables financial institutions to provide best-in-class digital onboarding to their clients and grow their business. To learn more about AEX, visit


About F1 Payments

F1 Payments delivers a dynamic and diverse payments technology ecosystem with frictionless connections. We engage stakeholders using H.I.G.H.E.R. core values to provide transparent payments. Our clients and partners enjoy increased velocity by accessing top-notch payments expertise, seamless integrations and highly-personal relationships, giving them the freedom to focus on what matters most in business and life. A registered ISO of Fifth Third Bank, Cincinnati, Ohio, F1 Payments is a rapidly growing, privately-held fintech company headquartered in Austin, Texas. For more information, please visit


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