Avidia Bank Launches Merchant ScanXpress to Scale their SBO Business

Avidia launches Agreement Express

July 20, 2022

July, 2022, Vancouver, CanadaAgreement Express, the leading client onboarding and underwriting platform for current and emerging leaders in financial services, announces Avidia Bank as its newest live customer on Merchant ScanXpress. Avidia’s mission is to provide communities with strong and efficient financial solutions and exceptional customer service. Avidia provides state of the art electronic banking capabilities to businesses, families, and individuals through online access and full-service branches. In addition, Avidia’s Payments business provides solutions to payments companies looking to offer various solutions to merchants and business clients.

With Agreement Express at their core, Avidia looks forward to a more dependable and streamlined process to continue their scaling efforts within their SBO ecosystem, as they focus on more vertical integration in the payments space in 2022 and beyond.

“We’re thrilled to bring Avidia on board as our customer,” says David O’Brien, CEO at Agreement Express. “It was clear from our earliest conversations that Avidia was determined to develop strong relationships with their partners and customers. This starts and ends with a need for a turnkey solution that gives Sponsor Banks and ISOs a seamless and reliable way to quickly underwrite applications and set up and onboard new merchants. The alignment between our companies’ visions to change the way these processes are done and to deliver exceptional customer experience make working together a natural and exciting step.”

How Avidia is using Agreement Express to drive exceptional customer experience

Avidia is using Agreement Express to drive growth for Payments clients by leveraging the Agreement Express proprietary risk scorecards and digital onboarding capabilities. Alongside Avidia’s Strategic Plan to grow their payments business, Agreement Express provides a more expeditious solution to onboarding. Avidia Bank offers multiple product lines to their customers by providing services for acquiring, issuing, ACH, remote deposit capture, real-time payments, and other bill payment solutions.

The scorecards allow for the assessment of merchant and other client risk, as well as the ability to underwrite applications automatically and in a matter of minutes. This means Avidia’s customers are able to acquire a higher volume of the clients they want in a shorter amount of time — and through a more seamless, digital process. The Agreement Express platform (Merchant ScanXpress) also allows a greater variety of Avidia’s customers to set up accounts and onboard clients quickly.

“We want to empower our customers to make payment processing fast and easy while also ensuring security for the payments ecosystem“ says Nicolas Karmelek of Avidia. “Supporting our payments partners in their goals to bring payment solutions to their clients quickly and efficiently is a critical aspect of our program, and Agreement Express will help to drive that. The addition of Agreement Express to our integrated platform allows us to provide a fast onboarding experience — all of which means increased levels of merchant acquisition and brand loyalty to the payments partners we support.”


About Agreement Express

Agreement Express is a SaaS solution that allows payments firms to provide a unique, seamless and secure underwriting and onboarding experience for clients and partners — all of which results in increased levels of merchant acquisition and brand loyalty. The platform includes a proprietary risk scorecard that allows payfacs, acquirers and ISOs to assess merchant risk and underwrite merchant applications automatically and in a matter of minutes. This means that customers are able to acquire a higher volume of the merchants in a shorter amount of time. The platform also allows our clients’ customers to set up accounts and onboard merchants quickly and digitally. Learn more at agreementexpress.com

About Avidia

Avidia Bank is a $2.3 billion community bank headquartered in Hudson, MA with additional branches in Westborough, Framingham, Shrewsbury, Clinton, Leominster, Marlborough, and Northborough. For more than 150 years, the Bank has provided personal, commercial, and residential banking services. Learn more at avidiabank.com. Member FDIC. Member DIF.