Data: The Competitive Advantage of Automated Underwriting

underwriting reporting

July 6, 2022

It’s common knowledge that automation brings scale and efficiency to the bottom line. However, what is often overlooked is the true competitive advantage that can be created through building a seamlessly integrated underwriting process: Data.

There is nothing more important to an ambitious payments provider than rapidly growing their merchant portfolio. Yet, the boarding and underwriting process itself is often overlooked as an opportunity to achieve and exceed this goal.

In fact, the merchant acquisition process is often happening in multiple different systems that don’t properly integrate with each other. This makes it impossible to get any kind of measurable key performance indicators (KPIs) for improvement or progress towards goal.


The merchant underwriting game is changing at a blistering pace, and with it, the data you need to stay competitive.

What’s missing is the opportunity to dissect the information of the current process. With those underwriting analytics, you can measurably work towards acceleration and perfection that attracts and boards more merchants faster than ever before.

Underwriting automation provides a tremendous advantage in being able to get this level of insight and provide underwriting teams and compliance managers with the opportunity to drill down into key data in real time and take the necessary action to increase performance.

The most you can get in terms of data or reporting out of underwriting teams today is the number of apps processed or underwriting decisions made. Leaving the critical insights needed to achieve key company goals on the table.

Imagine if at the touch of a button you could see:

  1. Performance analytics by Sponsor Bank, Partner or Sales Channel, Merchant Business Type, or any category that you want to create!
  2. The time-to-revenue laid out down to the minute by underwriter, vertical, ISO, etc.
  3. Outliers or worrying trends, and how can we adapt our process to stay ahead?
  4. Real-time analytics into the performance of your risk model and underwriter actions
  5. Security Audit Logs outlining every action performed by your risk team
  6. Is your team’s performance improving over time? Identify bottlenecks and blockers before they impact your bottom line.
  7. Coming Soon: Benchmark yourselves to see what excellence looks like. Easily identify positive and negative trends for your staff, sales channels, partners, merchant portfolio industry/fraud trends, and more.


If you think you can get by with a little inefficiency in your merchant acquisition process, think again. You are leaving much more at stake than you budgeted for. Automating the merchant underwriting process is no longer considered getting ahead of the curve, but rather a standard that you can very quickly fall behind on and can cost you several hundred thousand dollars.

On the flipside, taking advantage of the insights data provides and using this for smart decision making can propel you ahead, not just with a lean merchant acquisition process, but giving you the tools to fully take control of your merchant portfolio growth and exceeding key company goals.