Help your sales team sell more with rapid customer onboarding

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May 8, 2013

Selling merchant services to small businesses is not an easy task. As a sales executive at a merchant processing bank, you want to provide the best tools and proper incentives to get the job done. Rapid customer onboarding platforms can provide both the tools and incentive boost to make your sales team more effective. With rapid customer onboarding, your sales team can pitch more effectively, close deals faster, sell more, and earn their commission sooner.

Most small businesses receive many sales visits from merchant processors each year. Each visit the small business owners hear similar sales pitches about how switching their merchant processor can help their business. Sales people carry a briefcase full of paper forms and price schedules. From a business owner’s point of view, this theatrical routine is predictable and easy to reject. They don’t see or hear anything that excites them. What the sales people need is a pitch that sets itself apart from the rest. Rapid customer onboarding can be that solution.

Going digital

Start by replacing paper with mobile tablets. No more forms, brochures, folders. Customer onboarding in the modern age should be mobile enabled. Offer your sales team the ability to access all the information they need with at their fingertips. In addition, make signing up a breeze, not a chore. Redesign paper forms into digital forms and eliminate redundant fields to make filling out the application form fast and efficient. Lastly, offer the prospects an approval date of two days. Don’t make the business owner wait weeks. Eliminate doubts and uncertainty with straight-through processing.  These three features – better presentation, easier forms, and faster approval time – will make the sales pitch more effective and win the confidence of the business owner.

To take your sales team’s pitch to the next level, equip them with smart-pricing software to help them offer prices that maximize revenue. For example, using the Nomis Payments Discretion Manager field sales agents are given pricing recommendations based on the rates that other merchants are paying in the area. They can tweak their offer based on new information like sales volume or technology specifications and launch a new merchant application from their tablet. Agressive processors can automate approval processes so that the merchant can be  approved before the agent leaves their store. Sales teams sell more when you equip them with smart pricing software and digital applications.

More incentive for your sales team to sell more

Motivating the sales team is another key success factor of rapid customer onboarding. Your sales team needs the right incentive to be motivated to sell. How do you offer more incentive without increasing their commission? You speed up the time it takes to recognize a sale. People love immediate recognition of their good work. Commissions feel less rewarding when they are delayed by two or three weeks after the sale is made. By being able to close a deal faster, the sales person can be recognized for the sale at an earlier date, therefore allowing him to earn his commission faster.

If you are a sales executive looking for ways to motivate your sales team, start looking at how you can help to improve customer onboarding. Rapid customer onboarding offers the tools for sales people to succeed. Discuss implementing a rapid customer onboarding project with your business process management leader, and lift your sales team’s performance and satisfaction.