How Agreement Express & Visa are Partnering to Change the Payments Industry


February 11, 2020

The number one trend in the financial industry today is the emergence of technology firms in the payments sector. Fintech companies tend to be software-forward, while traditional institutions rely on people to get processes accomplished. From an onboarding perspective, this means firms are providing digital application processes that are much faster.

At Agreement Express, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality digital application, underwriting and approval experiences to payments companies, so they can deliver the Stripe- and Square-like experience millennials are seeking today. 

We provide more than just a digital application, though. Agreement Express is also performing sophisticated risk assessments to generate a risk score, ensuring merchants aren’t fraudulent, and that lower-risk merchants are approved automatically and in minutes. 

Streamline Onboarding & Underwriting

We partner with Authorize.Net to automate onboarding and underwriting. This allows us to determine how much risk a merchant poses, then onboard the merchant to a specific acquirer based on the risk objective of that acquirer and their capabilities. 

Latin America Pilot

We’re also partnering with Visa in Latin America with an ongoing pilot. Through this pilot, we’re providing a configurable onboarding process to help lower the cost of onboarding micro and small merchants, help grow the network in that area and provide acquirers with tech that helps them win merchants by making it easier to sign up.

Watch this video to learn more about our partnership with Visa and what that means for your organization.