How Agreement Express’s Payment Integrations Can Ignite Your Business


May 24, 2022

There’s a lot of payment software out there. All offering merchant acquirers and payment processors different solutions to different challenges. Businesses often make the mistake of adding to their tech stack bit by bit, tossing them together until they’re left with a jumble of platforms and tools that kill productivity rather than improving it. The number one driver of adoption and realizing the ROI from buying software solutions is connectivity and how well it is integrated into your process.

Software integrations matter. Your enterprise solutions can’t operate in silos. Smart integration elevates your entire business – streamlining workflows, maximizing your time and budget, increasing productivity, and enhancing your merchant-facing services.

Agreement Express Payment Integration Modules

Agreement Express is the most integrated underwriting automation solution in the payments industry. The Merchant ScanXpress product strategy succeeds by partnering with third party services, as well as key parts of the PSP tech stack, to bring best-in-class solutions to clients within a single platform. All with the goal of making your business better.

The Agreement Express suite seamlessly integrates with the below offerings to improve every aspect of the payments process, from initial compliance checks, through onboarding and approvals, to ongoing merchant monitoring.

Bringing these integrations together within a single system doesn’t just improve the way you work, it also allows ISOs to make their budget go further. Businesses can sync and save, combining all their core solutions under one price model.

Let’s take a look at the 9 integration modules your tech stack needs to scale your business.

Agreement Express Integrations Include: 

CRM Software Integrations for PSPs



Payment service providers and ISOs can now sync their Agreement Express suite with IRIS CRM to enhance internal communication and facilitate external processes such as real-time risk scoring and underwriting.

Working within the IRIS CRM, users can select leads and use custom-built fields to trigger risk reviews as needed. From there, Merchant ScanXpress springs into action, running through its pre-determined risk scorecards to flag, approve, or decline that merchant. When the decision is made, their profile in IRIS will be automatically updated to reflect any changes. 


Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM platform, partners with Agreement Express so that users can connect all their activities in the Salesforce interface with Agreement Express’s automated underwriting and monitoring tools.

As merchants move through the onboarding process – completing agreements or scorecards – that information is instantly ported over to Salesforce and used to update the relevant account settings and objects in real-time. This feature can also be configured for multiple objects so users don’t have to worry about painstakingly updating each individual profile. It’s done entirely automatically for speedier onboarding and underwriting.

Automated Underwriting Software Integrations



Using payee verification system TINCheck provides payment processors with an extra layer of protection, checking their merchant’s details against multiple sanctioned lists, including IRS TIN/Name matching, SSA EIN/Name Lookup System, Death Master File (DMF) list matching, Foreign Sanction Evaders list matching, Denied Persons list matching, and more.

These are all checked with just one click, reducing your risk of fraud and keeping your business KYC compliant without obstructing front-end services.

KYC SiteScan

Reliable risk management starts with robust compliance. That’s why Merchant ScanXpress works with automated underwriting software KYC SiteScan to offer market-leading KYC and AML compliance services.

KYC SiteScan combs through a merchant’s digital presence to determine their level of risk, giving them a risk scorecard based on factors such as website content, company structure, product and service classification, and customer complaints. It also flags any legal or regulatory issues and performs a watch list screening. Fully automated, the system does all this within minutes – providing fast, efficient, and very thorough KYC screening.  


Data analysts Experian Access integrate with the Agreement Express platform to enhance  decision-making within your underwriting team.

Experian’s software helps track trends within your portfolio so you have greater visibility around merchant activity. This, in turn, helps prevent merchant fraud and provides invaluable business intelligence. 

Giact gVERIFY 

Giact’s gVerify solution uses a merchant’s routing and account number to verify the current status of their bank account in real-time and flag any negative history associated with the account.

Used in conjunction with Merchant ScanXpress and MonitorX, this application significantly reduces the risk of fraud by building a more accurate picture of your merchant’s financial standing and risk profile.


gAuthenticate also helps verify a merchant’s financial credentials by analyzing and comparing signature data and customer data to confirm that the merchant is authorized to perform account transactions. 

This service covers both personal and business bank accounts, working alongside Agreement Express to deliver cutting-edge fraud protection while onboarding merchants and monitoring their activities.



Office of Foreign Assets Control or OFAC keeps a current watchlist of terrorists, money launderers, and other financial fraudsters that could pose as merchants to commit their crimes. Doing business with anyone on that list means hefty fines, not to mention significant reputational damage.

MonitorX automatically and continuously screens your merchants against this list, so you can be confident you’re keeping up with KYC compliance requirements.


Merchant Onboarding Software Integrations



When you onboard your merchants with Agreement Express, their data is processed by Trulioo Identity Verification to offer top-level verification across jurisdictions and markets worldwide.

Trulioo’s state of the art identity verification system helps you reduce fraud and improve the merchant experience with comprehensive screening and fast approval turnaround times – all from within the Agreement Express platform. 

More partners, better service

Instinctive, easy, and highly customizable, each of the above integrations perfectly align to deliver your business goals.

Whether you want to grow your merchant portfolio, strengthen your KYC compliance framework, improve risk management, or simply scale up, we can help you every step of the way. Contact Agreement Express today to see how our partnerships will fuel your business.