A Path to Digital Customer Onboarding

January 19, 2021

Written by: Carmen Ballard, VP of Customer Success & Support at Agreement Express

At Agreement Express, we have found ourselves in rich partnership with organizations like you who have responded to the global pandemic with creativity, class, and a hunger for innovation and improvement that is nothing short of excellent. As you likely can attest, your organization weathered and continues to experience an incredible amount of change. Of these, remote working and the ever-evolving needs of customers represent the most substantial shifts that will ultimately define the future of your business.

Choosing digitization for your customer onboarding is a shift your firm should be happy with, for you are in good and global company. Read on to see what the world is up to…

Riding the wave of digital transformation

A global technology storm is underway, and your company is at the forefront of riding that wave. Though significant digital transformations have come and gone, COVID-19 presents itself as a digital accelerator like never seen before. The way we conduct business has forever changed and a new standard has emerged.

Whether your decision to digitize your firm’s operations occurred prior to COVID-19 or the pandemic moved your software purchase date forward, in both scenarios, you are part of the global acceleration of technology adoption.

According to a new McKinsey Global Survey of executives, companies have accelerated the digitization of their customer and supply-chain interactions in addition to their internal operations by three to four years. Not only has the share of offerings that are digital in nature increased,  the amount of customer interactions in North America alone that are digital has seen a 58% increase from levels before the pandemic! Globally, the adoption rates are even higher. Including Europe and Asia, the acceleration of digital customer interactions has increased by 61% between December 2019 and July 2020.

Redefine your client onboarding

The data goes to show that 2020 brought your firm an opportunity to stand out. Your organization had to make significant shifts, and by choosing to redefine your digital client onboarding and maintenance experience, you moved with the wave towards digitization. In lock step, your end client’s increasing digital appetite allows your firm to continue to reap the benefits of this decision over the long term by exceeding your client’s expectations.

Though at the outset, the pandemic brought with it some punches to the proverbial gut, the long game response is nothing short of an innovator’s dream. Pioneers of adopting new tech-forward client operations are the winners of the new decade.