In|Vest Conference Recap: Customer Experience, Broker Transitions the Competitive Advantage for Wealth Management Firms


July 26, 2017

Last week Agreement Express hit the main stage at InVest to debut the latest addition to our platform, Automated Broker Transitions. If you didn’t get the opportunity to attend here’s our recap.

In|Vest took place in the big apple, bringing the most dynamic and innovative technology and financial strategy executives under one roof. The event showcased emerging technology platforms in the industry that address the growing digital needs of the wealth management  firms.

In|Vest Themes:

Fintech: The future of fintech took the spotlight, as millennials are driving the shift from in-branch to digital channels faster than anticipated. Financial institutions and firms continue  to look for new technology that will allow them not only to attract new customers, but retain existing clients as new disruptors emerge.

Customer-centric experiences: Consumers are interested in exploring alternative technology, such as blockchain, as they fail to receive the level of engagement and qualifications they expect from advisors. Customers are now demanding that without an engaging experience from advisors they see no difference in going digital.

Generation: Many Private Equity and Venture Capital investors are currently struggling with the question of how to engage the next generation of customers. Attendees found this topic worthwhile, and acknowledged an innovative approach must be taken as this next-generation technology continues to accelerate.

Incumbents vs. Disruptors: With the emergence of digital platforms in wealth management, incumbents came to In|Vest to hold their stake and fight back. Four of the top banks discussed their plans to use modern tools and technology to defend their market share and make improves to the ‘traditional’ customer experience.


Agreement Express was chosen to present as one of the top 20 innovators in wealth management. We took this opportunity to demonstrate Automated Broker Transitions. We showed how automating the transitions process makes it easy to transition a client book, not only ensuring best-in-class service for new clients, but also an unbeatable introductory experience for the incoming broker.

The buzz from the audience at In|Vest was immediate. Here are some of the highlights:

Twitter Buzz

Watch the recording of our Disrupt|Demo on Automated Transitions. To learn more, read the Applications Sheet