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Board merchants across multiple offerings with one unified application process.

As an ISO, you need to onboard new merchants simply and quickly. But you’re roadblocked by paperwork – fragmented forms for different solutions from a variety of payment service providers. From the perspective of your merchant, the process is often seen as cumbersome, time consuming, and a less than desirable experience. With Agreement Express, you can board new merchants with a unified application experience across your portfolio of payment offerings, reducing complexity and accelerating time to revenue.

Payment acceptance made easy

Compete to win

Merchants are looking for innovative solutions to accept payments from their customers, aligned with the unique needs of their business. Often the process of applying for different payments services is too complex, and they choose a competitor. A digital onboarding solution makes it easy to do business with you, increasing your competitiveness and enabling you to win more business.

Increase revenue per merchant

It’s no secret that the more products you’re able to offer your merchants, the more revenue you earn. With digital merchant onboarding, you give the merchants the ability to seamlessly select from your portfolio of payment offerings, without a fragmented application process.

Decrease abandonment and attrition

With competition for merchants intensifying, merchant attrition continues to cost ISOs billions in revenue. By offering your merchants a diversified set of products and services with a simple unified digital application, you can reduce abandonment during the application process and increase wallet share.

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Score merchants. Grow digital channels.

Designed with payments product and service resellers in mind, Agreement Express QuickScore helps you grow your digital channels and eCommerce offerings. QuickScore helps ensure a reseller gets the most out of their online lead forms and can focus primarily on quality leads. Merchants are assigned an Approval Likelihood Score within minutes of applying. This means that you can focus only on suitable merchants for your business.

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