One-Click Merchant Onboarding for ISOs and ISVs

It shouldn't be simpler to sign up with your competitors. Agreement Express helps ISOs and ISVs achieve same-day merchant applications, approvals, and revenue.

More Products, More Pain?

Merchants increasingly want their payment service providers to offer them everything they need, all in one place. The more products and services they sign up for, the more likely they’ll stay with you.

But the more you offer, the more painful the merchant application and approval process becomes - and the more merchants you lose. Disruptors are offering digital onboarding in under 10 minutes for a full suite of product offerings. Isn’t it time you could too?

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Ditch Abandonment and Attrition with One Click

Join PYMNTS CEO Karen Webster and Agreement Express CEO Mike Gardner in a discussion about merchant onboarding best practices.

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The $2 Billion Problem

The goal of most ISOs and MSPs like you is to increase processing volume by acquiring more merchants and earning more from them. Wouldn’t it be easier if you kept more merchants in the first place?

The industry average for merchant attrition is 20% per year, causing companies like yours to pour money into sales to make up for the loss. Some say this is a $2 billion problem in merchant acquiring.

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Vantiv Integrated Payments

Watch the video on how Vantiv Integrated Payments reduced their merchant onboarding time by 96%.

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A Sticky Situation

We know that merchants are more likely to stay with you when they’re using two or more of your products or services, but that the additional paperwork is causing application abandonment rates as high as 80%. You’re losing existing merchants AND new ones.

The more products and services you ask them to sign up for, the less likely they are to sign up. It’s simply too much effort, and your competition is making it easier for them.

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Increase Processing Volume

Applications Completed

Fast, simple digital forms and eSignature.

Reduce abandonment by 92%*

Boost sales productivity by 75%*

Volume Per Merchant

Unified onboarding across products and services.

Increase revenue per merchant by 59%*

Reduce churn by 45%**

Approved Merchants

Pre-qualify merchants and re-route rejected applications.

Increase merchant acceptance by 33%**

Get it faster by 97%*

Onboard Merchants to Multiple Products in Real-Time

Agreement Express provides seamless straight-through processing to the largest ecosystem of payments products and services in the United States. That means your merchants only have to complete one digital application, which gets submitted to your service providers automatically. No data entry or heavy lifting from your sales or back-office teams required.

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Landing Pages

Your merchants can find an application right on your website – and you don’t have to do any coding to get it there.

Form icon

Digital Applications & Forms

Responsive to desktop or mobile, these forms prefill and offer dropdown options to make applying a breeze.

Digital signature icon

Digital Signature

This signature tool uses encryption technology for top security and looks like a wet ink signature so it’s approved by almost everyone.

Workflow icon

Automated Workflows

Once each step of the application, sales, and back office process is complete, it will automatically trigger the next step and alert whoever needs to know.

Reports icon

Reports & Business Insights

See how many applications are in progress, how many are with your team, and how many have been approved with team productivity reports.

Risk icon

Pre-submission Risk Analysis

Get an initial idea of how risky the merchant is in minutes before submitting it to underwriting.

Re-route icon

Re-route Rejected Applications

If your merchant’s application gets rejected in underwriting, route it to another service provider who may have different acceptance parameters.

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Share Data with Trusted Providers

Straight-through processing of merchant information from third party data providers, to you, to your trusted partners.

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