Jen’s Top 5 Tips to Getting Excited about Adoption


February 25, 2021

Jen MacDonald, a Customer Success Specialist at Agreement Express, has seen it all. With four years of experience in software implementation and adoption, she’s become  a guru in training and an aficionado when it comes to troubleshooting.

As a ninja on Agreement Express, Jennifer shares her Top 5 Tips to getting your team excited about digital adoption!


  1. Embrace the Change
    Change, though inevitable, can cause frustration, tension, and irritability on your team. Let them know you are in it with them, and though the leap from comfort to the cutting edge can come with bumps,  it is always worth it in the end, embrace it with them, and do your best to continue to show them the light!
  2. Launch a Pilot
    Choose a few individuals with an appetite for continuous improvement! The Pilot Team will be your internal promoters and will transform your organization from the inside out. Once they report success, the next wave of adoption will more easily be on its way!
  3. Get Comfortable! Comfort=Confidence
    Once you have ripped off the initial bandaid of new technology, give your team time to get used to the platform. Leaving your previous operational comforts behind, offer your team the resources in the Agreement Express Knowledgebase to keep track of features and functionalities taught in training. Typically  training offers a great first response, but giving them tools helps move them towards self sufficiency and confidence as they continue to navigate the platform!
  4. Slow Down to Speed Up
    Likely, the purchase of technology came because your firm desired greater efficiency. This choice to rollout a solution of digital proportions is a long term plan. Keep your eye on the prize, what you did before needed improvement, and you may need to slow down to get to a faster future, be patient.
  5. Set a Cut-Over Date
    Given the option, we tend to choose what’s comfortable. As a team truly committed to digital transformation, act out that commitment by giving your team a goal date to fully adopt the new platform. By doing so, you demonstrate confidence in your team’s abilities while reinforcing your firm’s decision to increase digitization. You may get some initial pushback, or may be seen as too strict, but the importance you place on the change will lead to both your firms’ and customers’ long term success.