Fully digital, centralized document management solution for easing the back-office burden. Go paperless and save valuable time for your agents so they can focus on selling.

Digital Contract Experience

When it comes to Lettings onboarding, customers don’t just prefer to sign and renew their contracts online. They expect it. With Agreement Express, Lettings contracts can be completed and signed digitally from any device connected to the internet. Not only will a digital workflow delight your customers and agents, it will liberate your back-office team so you can scale the business.

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Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward

Improved productivity
Reduced costs

Every year Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward send out approximately 20,000 documents for signature which created an inefficient paper-based workflow and long lease turnaround times. With Agreement Express, Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward improved the productivity of their lease renewals and reduced operational costs.

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An Agile Approach

At Agreement Express, we know meaningful digital transformation doesn't happen overnight, but it doesn't have to take years either. We follow an agile approach that empowers our clients to adapt and build the optimal onboarding path as they go. Watch the video to learn more.

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Focus Time Where it Counts

Grow your business without doubling your employee count. Arm your agents with mobile contract software that lets them automatically initiate digital document packages without the need for the back-office team. With access anytime, anywhere, your agents can save valuable time and focus on selling more.

Powerful Visibility into Client Data

In a competitive industry, your client data is one of your best advantages, especially when uncovering areas of opportunity for your agency. For example, which areas are the most popular for lease? And which yield the highest rent?

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With paper processes creating costly inefficiencies, you can’t afford to not have a fast, digital, fully integrated client onboarding process. Schedule a call and let's talk!

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