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Accelerate your time to revenue

You want to attract more ISOs and ISVs to help build out your digital offerings and become more omni-channel, but need the right tools to do so. Even when your resellers and partners submit applications, it takes you days or weeks to manually rekey the information, underwrite the merchant, and send back a MID, which impacts your time to revenue. With Agreement Express, you can completely digitize and automate the onboarding process, clearing the path to increased processing volume.

Go beyond forms and e-signature

Accelerate business velocity

Onboard customers in minutes rather than days or weeks and reduce customer attrition by 40% or more. Agreement Express allows you to reduce time to revenue and gain valuable business insight into velocity of new applications, giving you the tools to increase processing volume and grow your business.

Decrease risk

Agreement Express offers the most powerful automated underwriting solution available. The Risk Scorecard is the core of the system, capturing information from a merchant application and pulling data from 30+ third-party APIs to collate watchlist checks, credit scores, merchant website information, and other essential KYC information into one central dashboard within 10 minutes.

Provide a differentiated experience

Don’t lose merchants to the competition. The Agreement Express platform allows you to digitally connect your merchants and ISOs to your payment infrastructure, eliminating friction in the application process. Networked onboarding accelerates payment acceptance and provides an optimized experience to merchants.

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Risk Scorecard

Save time by automating your risk decisions.

Merchants are automatically assigned a risk score for underwriting approval or rejection. This lets you reduce the time and cost of underwriting decisions, and even increases your application volume.

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