Increase Visibility in your Merchant Portfolio with MonitorX.

Effective ongoing KYC, AML screening, and compliance monitoring at scale.



With AML screening, get insight into your merchants entire digital ecosystem, and make sure they stay compliant throughout their lifecycle with you.

Changes happen fast

Maintain the integrity of your merchant portfolio

Legitimate merchants alter their business model to include unfair business practices. To retain merchant portfolio value, with KYC and AML checks, quickly be alerted of negative merchant trends and accelerate business growth.

Remain compliant for the entire lifetime of the merchant. Just set up your processor’s rules and have all your KYC, AML, and compliance monitoring checks in one place.

Group 683

Avoid government and regulatory fines

Group 678

Mitigate risk & focus on scaling your business


Maintain compliance with KYC & AML rules


Full support of the merchant lifecycle



Close the loop between underwriting and operations teams.

Schedule necessary KYC, AML, and fraud checks and get alerted on potential risky behavior. Automation is there to ensure your business remains compliant with the ever-changing rules and regulations.

Agreement Express is built on years of experience in the payments industry and is made for ongoing merchant reviews. You’ll never have to worry about knowledge transfer when staff leaves your company. 

Group 683

Centralized ongoing monitoring

Retain merchant portfolio value

Group 678

Scale apps-per-underwriter

Eliminate mundane tasks and decisions


Remove bias from underwriting decisions

Protect your reputation


Safeguard compliance and risk management

Avoid knowledge loss with staff turnover

Manage risk & disorganization

Comply with ever changing rules and regulations

Avoid government and regulator fines and ensure compliance with major processing platforms’ rules and anti-money laundering regulations. Set up periodic reviews once and be alerted when fraudulent behavior is detected.

What’s more, Agreement Express employs a team of engineers and support staff dedicated to continuously innovating and improving this product to secure your spot ahead of the curve.

Your fraud and underwriting teams can rest easy knowing your merchant portfolio adheres to AML & KYC regulations.


Leading Payments Providers Use Agreement Express to Scale their Business

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Monitor your merchant portfolio with ease

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