PayFacs Accelerating the Digital Appetite of Businesses


April 20, 2021

Written by: Carmen Ballard, VP of Customer Success at Agreement Express

Treat the business you want like they have the needs of a millennial retail consumer.

Though you may be looking to sign a deal with another business, sitting across the table from you is a consumer. Improvements in technology has forever changed the way people access and consume information. The same professional who is signing your business contracts is a consumer that clicks twice to have a car take them to their exact desired location. The same person reading and nodding off on your legal documentation asks Siri to have groceries delivered to their front door.

Are you ready for your target market’s need for speed?

As we launch into 2021, we anticipate seeing even further eclipsing of the digital appetite of a B2B and B2C consumer. This past year, with working remote requirements, and a consumer’s increased reliance on technology for basic goods and services, the two worlds have collided.

Shifting financial habits and an improvement in financial literacy has led to disruptors in the finance industries, and there will be more. Consumers are accustomed to streamlined services, one place where their service selection and payment transactions are all in one place. As a result, we have seen the huge acceleration in the Payment Facilitator space.

We, at Agreement Express, are partnering with PayFacs around the globe to accelerate these businesses. By amalgamating the process of customer acquisition with payment acceptance and processing, businesses are increasing their time to revenue at a time where access to working capital could not be more important.

As the profile of the B2B consumers continue to meld into that of the general retail consumer, we know your end client’s appetite for speed, ease, and a reduced number of steps will only increase with time. Agreement Express is right there beside you with a product roadmap fed by you and your consumers all looking to make risk underwriting and speed a one stop shop.

Our product is built with you in mind and we want to hear from you. Let us know what product suggestions you have!