Payliance Fuels Two Channels with Merchant ScanXpress

Payliance Case Study

June 28, 2022

In this age of agility, Payliance offers merchants proper tools to maintain their competitive advantage by offering both extensive expertise and a robust set of tools. By maintaining a complete suite of cutting edge solutions which cover payments, processing, verification, and recovery, Payliance uses their expertise to assist merchants across multiple sectors, including e-commerce, lending, and gaming.

As experts in the payments space, the team at Payliance saw that an automated underwriting solution would be an absolute necessity for both their growth and that of their merchants. After careful consideration of the available options, Payliance chose to partner with Agreement Express in 2016 and leverage their digital onboarding and underwriting tools.

As the industry evolved in recent years, both Payliance and Agreement Express matured as companies. Cut to 2022, there is a much larger market need for automated underwriting, but Payliance needed more flexibility in their digital onboarding and underwriting tools.

Merchant ScanXpress, as an enhancement to the original Agreement Express Scorecard, offers administrators greater ease of editing and access to a robust set of scoring rules in the proprietary Merchant ScanXpress rule library. Given their previous success with the original scorecard, Payliance gladly decided to upgrade to Merchant ScanXpress, secure in the knowledge that it would provide the flexibility required for their evolving business needs.

Merchant ScanXpress executes the vision of automated underwriting

“We had a clear vision of the potential opportunity that we could unlock with automated underwriting,” says James Robinson, Product Director of Payliance.

“However, it really came down to whether we could find the right solution to enable us to execute that vision. With Agreement Express, the solution is configured to our exact business needs. Their underwriting automation solution allows us to accelerate and more efficiently manage our merchant onboarding process leading to an overall better customer experience.”

The robustness of the solution offered by Agreement Express fuels two different channels for Payliance. Besides their in-house sales channels that board a constant stream of merchants in record time via Agreement Express, merchants can also take advantage of a fully automated self-serve workflow. This provides flexible options for Payliance access, accommodating more potential clients and facilitating seamless customer onboarding.

Agreement Express’ configurable scorecard provides flexibility

Once the information has been gathered, the Merchant ScanXpress scorecard automatically runs as many checks as required by the existing Payliance process. This is part of what makes the Merchant ScanXpress scorecard so powerful. The solution’s ease of use and high configurability ensure that the scorecard follows the exact same process and checks that Payliance had already determined fit their criteria. This means that the speed of underwriting and approval is vastly increased, leading to a better customer journey.

Merchant ScanXpress speeds onboarding without sacrificing the customer experience

As a configurable scorecard, Merchant ScanXpress adapts seamlessly to whatever channel is used for onboarding. As Payliance onboards through multiple channels, this high degree of versatility is necessary to ensure merchants are able to start processing payments as quickly as possible.

Additionally, Payliance, as a trusted partner of a major payment gateway provider, has the potential to process about 3,000 additional leads per year. These leads are automatically received through the Agreement Express system, and can then be run through the Merchant ScanXpress scorecard when they meet Payliance’s pre-set criteria.

The automated scoring matrix captures the criteria set forth by Payliance, and as a result, Payliance is able to thoroughly review and onboard clients much faster than they could with traditional underwriting. Furthermore, faster onboarding leads to increased speed in payments processing for these merchants, and revenue follows suit. All while leveraging a model established and agreed upon by Payliance themselves, so they can rest assured in the speed and security of the digital underwriting model.

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