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Innovators in the acquiring industry like you aim to get more merchants and earn more from them. We have just one simple way you can achieve both.

Propel your offerings.
Keep it simple.

It has never been easier for a merchant to apply and get approved with your competitor. To stay competitive, you need to offer 2+ products, have an application process that takes less than 10 minutes, and deliver real-time approvals. But the more offerings you have, the more complicated the merchant application becomes and the higher abandonment you face.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Achieve same-day revenue

Agreement Express is an end-to-end merchant application, approval, and onboarding platform that facilitates your payments ecosystem. Put your best digital foot forward with a system that includes, but goes beyond digital forms and eSignature.

Agreement Express helps you achieve same-day revenue and sticky offerings for your customers.


Ditching Merchant Abandonment and Attrition

Join Mike Gardner, CSO of Agreement Express and Karen Webster, CEO of in a discussion around how to find, win, and keep more merchants with one simple solution.

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Connecting onboarding processes straight through your payments ecosystems.

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Acquirers and Processors

You want to attract more ISOs and ISVs to help build out your digital offerings and become more omni-channel, but need the right tools to do so. Even when your resellers and partners pass you applications, it takes you days or weeks to manually rekey the information, underwrite the merchant, and send back a MID.

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ISOs and ISVs

You’re stuck offering the same products and services and have to cobble together forms, paperwork and data entry to onboard merchants to multiple providers.

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Total onboarding that goes beyond digital forms and e-signatures.

Agreement Express allows acquirers and other payment product and merchant services providers to post their offerings to their ecosystem. Resellers including ISOs and ISVs can subscribe to their ecosystem offerings and allow their merchants to apply, get approved, and get onboarded all at once.

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Value across the payments ecosystem

Whether you’re a payments provider or reseller, Agreement Express provides value across the onboarding process, in ways that have a powerful impact on your merchant's experience and your bottom line.

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Improve merchant experience

Fast, simple landing pages, digital forms, digital applications, and eSignature.

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Reduce application abandonment by 92%*

Boost sales productivity by 75%*

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Board to multiple offerings at once

Unified merchant onboarding across products and services.

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Increase revenue per merchant by 59%*

Reduce churn by 45%**

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Gain valuable business insights

Smart, automated workflows drive order of operations and provide key business insights.

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Merchant Acquirers, Processing Banks, Super ISOs

Filter out junk leads and increase the volume of merchant applications received.

ISOs, MSPs, ISVs, Payfacs

Increase merchant acceptance by 33%**

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Focus only on suitable merchants

Merchants are automatically assigned a risk score for underwriting approval or rejection. Review only ambiguous results.

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Merchant Acquirers, Processing Banks, Super ISOs

Boost underwriting productivity by 80%*

Increase merchant acceptance by 15%

ISOs, MSPs, ISVs, Payfacs

Get a MID back faster by 97%*

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See our simple, connected, intelligent merchant application, approval, and onboarding system in action. Whether you're a payments product or service provider or reseller, we have the right solution for your ecosystem.

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Maintain security and compliance

We offer the best security and regulation compliance so you don’t have to worry about it.

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PCI DSS Compliant

The payments industry standard of protecting our clients' data security.

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SOC 2 Compliant

The software industry standard of securing our client's data and confidentiality.

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FinCen Beneficial Ownership Solution

We offer a solution for our clients to comply with the USA FinCEN Beneficial Ownership Rule.

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GDPR Compliant

Facilitate compliance during onboarding - the most critical first step in the client relationship.

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Don't just take our word for it.

“Speed and efficiency are always executive goals, and Agreement Express helps us be as efficient and flexible as possible in the merchant onboarding and underwriting process.”

Eric Haru
EVP of Risk and Compliance
Merchant e-Solutions

“When we first started investigating the best tools to board merchants, my biggest concern was that everything was in pieces. I have a tool for digital signature. I have a tool for digital forms. There’s an underwriting tool and various separate risk tools. I need one tool that does it all. That’s where Agreement Express came in.”

Lisa Blandford
(Customer of Agreement Express for 7 years)

"We want to create a frictionless experience where our customers can sign up for our services in an online, paperless format, and have all that information flow through to our back-office systems. Agreement Express is the organization we've chosen to partner with to do so."

Mark Frey
Cambridge Global Payments

Multi-Award Winning

Our cutting-edge technology has landed us recognition among the best in fintech, regtech, and the fastest growing companies in North America.

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