End to End Onboarding

Our vision for digital onboarding spans far beyond forms and signatures. The fully integrated Agreement Express platform operates seamlessly to improve client experience and drive process optimization across multiple lines of business.

Each Stage of the Lifecycle

Agreement Express facilitates a client-centric focus at each stage of the lifecycle to secure a competitive advantage. Offer your customers an unbeatable front-end experience for their digital application and same-day approvals. Optimize mid- and back-office processes and improve operational excellence with custom forms and workflows for your business. Once client data has been captured through Agreement Express, it’s stored and available for re-use.

Each department involved in onboarding a customer is linked with Agreement Express through any device connected to the internet.

Interdependent Onboarding Processes

Onboarding processes

Visibility at a Glance

From a single view called Workspace, teams can quickly review and take action on items that need attention. View the status of agreements, upcoming tasks, or those you have snoozed for later.

The intuitive environment of Workspace is built with ease of action in mind and reveals data as needed. One click filters between all documents and the ones assigned to you. Expand further into the status of any document to see who’s responsible and what the next steps are.


Signature Capture

Agreement Express uses a proprietary Hybrid Signature method for increased identity proof and document security. Every user creates a signature and can apply it to any agreement on which they are a designated signer.

We combine our users’ physical signature with a digital, X.509-based signature to create a Hybrid Signature. The signer uses their finger or stylus on any mobile device to create their actual signature with the appearance of a wet-ink, penned signature, which is then combined with the signer’s cryptographic digital signature. Agreement Express also contains unique technology to manage and execute signature process rewind and correction.

Read the Solution Note to learn more.


Workflow Automation

Some of the most impressive functionality of Agreement Express is completely behind the scenes. An effective onboarding process is built upon complex workflows, often involving multiple stakeholders, and in a particular sequence of actions. On top of all that, we find the balance between maximizing user adoption and minimizing over-engineering.

Highly flexible Agreement Express workflows enable financial institutions to layer in customizations appropriate for specific onboarding use-cases, or channels of distribution. Our workflow management can be fixed or dynamic, allowing for an agile system that not only optimizes existing processes but helps build the optimal customer onboarding path as you go.


Risk Management

Digital transformation applies to the risk function in ways that create real business value by improving the quality of risk decisioning. Once this process is standardized, you have the added benefits of stronger regulatory compliance and significant gains in efficiency. Agreement Express is also used to achieve instant approvals by automating the KYC and underwriting process, pulling aggregated data from the entire onboarding process, including data capture, QA and review, compliance and analysis, as well as processing and approval.

During intake for KYC updates, clients gain access to best-in-class data directly in Agreement Express which enables comprehensive risk assessment.

Ease Compliance Pains

The competitive financial organizations will be those that can respond quickly to new market realities and regulatory requirements, without adding complexity to the client experience. Onboarding is the ideal phase to integrate compliance measures, rather than making them a separate step or hoop for clients to jump through. Flexible workflows make it easier to build compliance into the client lifecycle, along with the agility to adapt to shifting regulations.

A powerful visualization called Timeline builds a digital audit trail into every process, tracking all changes, actions, signers, and edits made to an application in real time. Rich metadata from your Timeline eases the pains of compliance teams, with the added benefit of presenting an operational view into speed and quality of transactions.

Business Intelligence

There’s a vast technological advantage stored in your client and operational data. But when onboarding processes are hidden in mounds of paperwork, you’ll never get the holistic view you need to generate insights for cross-sell and upsell opportunities, as well as overall operational excellence.

Once data is captured in Agreement Express, it’s readily available for re-use and interpretation and can be drilled into at the micro-level as needed, or in aggregate form. Most back-office inefficiencies are hidden in seemingly small process and incremental improvements can have a huge effect on your bottom line.

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