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The Modern Merchant Demands Omni-channel

Merchants are increasingly demanding digital channels and e-commerce offerings. Soon, every retail business will have an in-person and online store. To facilitate omni-channel commerce and stay relevant to the modern merchant, you need to provide both card-present and card-not-present options.

Avoid the Lead Form Junk

Today’s merchant expects to be able to complete simple tasks online, like applying for an e-commerce gateway, without speaking to a rep. Online forms and digital channels can be a great way to capture leads - but also lots of junk. You send your acquirer or provider only the applications of merchants you want to accept, but even then it can take them days to underwrite and approve them.

As a result, how much time do you waste vetting leads that are ineligible, spam, or even worse - fake or fraudulent?

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Introducing QuickScore

Once a lead form is completed on your site, this service conducts a quick, initial underwriting assessment of the lead and assigns it with an Approval Likelihood Score within minutes. This tool for ISOs, ISVs, and other payment product and service resellers was created with payments ecosystems in mind.


An overview of the merchant and owner details containing key information on the account. This information is pulled directly from the digital application, so there's no re-keying required.

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Automated Scoring

QuickScore makes an automated recommendation on whether the merchant is suitable to submit to your processor or acquirer, and gives each merchant a risk score out of 100. It uses a best-practices underwriting model to give you insight into what the underwriting team might decide.

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Thorough Evaluation

View how the system scored each merchant at a glance. The Approval Likelihood Score is generated from four evaluated sections: Identification of the business and owners, business risk indicators, processing risk indicators, and financial acceptability.

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Prioritize quality leads and boost approvals

This out-of-the-box functionality allows you to immediately identify the “junk” leads so you only spend time on those who are likely to get approved. QuickScore gives you a jumpstart to get approvals back in minutes, achieve faster time to revenue, and accelerate your e-commerce channels.

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Are you an reseller? is the first gateway provider to integrate with QuickScore. They can automatically receive incoming merchant applications from their resellers and make faster approval decisions.

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