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David the Disruptor… Oops, we meant Square

Square is disrupting the payment processing industry. Only a three-year-old payment processing startup, they now process more than $10 billion worth of…

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Business process re-engineering for financial services companies in three easy steps

The design of your onboarding processes determine the flow of information through your organizations which in turn determines…

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How can payment processors compete with Square?

Have you ever heard a customer say – “It’s going to take two weeks before I can process payments?…

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How a global payment processor onboards customers in less than a day

Have you been thinking about making improvements to your business’s day-to-day processes? Have you thought about how you…

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Dominate Your Competition in Payments

It’s no longer hip to be Square … or Stripe. You can do better than both.

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HS TEST: New Straight-Through Processing With TD Ameritrade Will Vastly Improve Client Onboarding Experience (Clone)

Agreement Express is an official technology solution on the TD Ameritrade Veo Open Access® platform, which provides advisors…

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