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What BNPL Means to Your Merchant Onboarding Process

Forward-thinking Payment Facilitators (PayFacs) are constantly adding products to attract new merchants as the digital payments industry continues…

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4 Industry Tips to Stay Ahead as a Merchant Acquirer

What is a Merchant Acquirer? The term ‘merchant acquirer’ has the intended use of referring to an acquiring…

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Digitize or Lose to Competitors: The 2022 Guide to Payment Facilitation

Payment Facilitators are the talk of the town in the payments industry.  It seems that every other business…

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Ultimate Guide to Digital Underwriting

As a payment facilitator, you’re assuming liability for your merchant accounts. Similarly, as the acquiring bank is underwriting…

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4 Ways to Automate Business Practices Using Fintech

The hyper-fast evolution of technology over the past decade has allowed businesses large and small to leverage the…

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Ways to Stay Competitive as a PayFac, Even if Business is Booming

Table of Contents Introduction What Does PayFac Mean? How Do Merchant Services Work? Whats to Stay Competitive as…

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Trulioo & Agreement Express: The Implications of the Pandora Papers – Explained

On October 3rd 2021, The Pandora Papers were leaked. This became the largest leak of financial data, consisting…

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Improve Your Onboarding Experience: Here’s Your Recording

Merchant onboarding is one of the most impactful experiences customers will have with you. Remember, we’re here to…

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The Merchant Onboarding Experience: Bridging the Gap Between Risk and Revenue

The payments industry has a need for speed. A precedent has been set with the likes of Stripe…

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Merchant Software Guide: Cost Center or Revenue Generator?

Every time a revolutionary new idea hits the market, there is doubt that instantly follows; suspicion about whether…

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Executive Insight Series – PYMNTS x Agreement Express

In this report, you’ll learn how automated underwriting helps PayFacs and PSPs balance risk and speed when onboarding merchants, and receive the latest insights and analysis from Agreement Express CEO, Dave O’Brien.

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The BNPL War Has Begun: Reorganize Your Digital Payment Strategy

Arguably the single biggest market disruptor in terms of digital payments and online retail sales in 2021 has…

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