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Navigating The Chutes and Ladders of Underwriting
The game of chutes and ladders may bring up memories from the simpler times of...
Press Release
Agreement Express: A new disruptor in the payments ecosystem
Since the acquisition by Frontier Growth, Agreement Express has pursued a transformative customer-led strategy that...
Merchant Fraud Is On The Rise – Learn The 3 Most Common Scams
Merchant fraud is nothing new, but a recent spike in financial crime has industry experts...
Merchant Bust Out Fraud Explained
By David O'Brien, CEO of Agreement Express “As far back as I can remember, I...
Product Sheet, White Paper
Improve Portfolio Value Across the Merchant Lifecycle
See how Agreement Express can streamline your ongoing monitoring workflow by bringing your team, tools,...
Reduce Risk And Accelerate Approvals With Know Your Customer (KYC) 
In the world of finance, knowing your customers means more than figuring out what brands...
Accelerate Time to Board and Reap Rewards
You’re Ignoring Revenue if You’re Not Using Automated Scorecards   As a PayFac, growing your...
Know your customer KYC Pandora Papers
Know Your Customer: How the Pandora Papers Impact Global Money Laundering
In September of 2021 a massive leak of nearly 12 million documents exposed hidden wealth,...
FAQ: Software Implementation, Digital Adoption, and Payments Software Vendors
Underwriters need the best software, but choosing the right tools is only the first step....
Fast and Flashy: Successful Merchant Onboarding Needs Both Speed and Design
The merchant onboarding process is the beginning of the merchant’s journey with your company. Merchant...
ISO merchant services
Why Your ISO/ISV Isn’t Satisfying Merchants and How to Fix It
As an ISO or ISV, your role inherently involves merchants. Therefore, the merchant experience is...
payment processors
Payment Gateways vs. Payment Processors: Key Differences
If you’re in the business of accepting credit and debit card transactions, then you work...