Increase processing volume with Merchant ScanXpress

February 8, 2021

Automate your underwriting and risk assessment due diligence with this fully customizable tool. Now you can build a custom scorecard for a unique underwriting decision in minutes—not days or months. It’s just one piece of our end-to-end merchant onboarding platform.

Learn more about how Merchant ScanXpress can grow your bottom line.

Merchant ScanXpress Video Script

The payments industry is evolving. Firms able to quickly seize these opportunities can grow their merchant portfolio without compromising their risk level. The path to the top requires an automated growth engine that provides instant approvals to complex merchants.

You need the flexibility to tweak your risk models as you expand into new territories.

Every second it takes to approve a merchant impacts your bottom line. With each delay, you’re at risk of losing another merchant.

Meet Merchant ScanXpress, the ultimate solution for automating risk decisions.

Unlike other risk scoring solutions, we have more than 100 pre-built scorecard rules that can be configured for your business in minutes, and assure compliance by connecting to the identity verification, authentication, and credit scoring systems you’re already using.

Manage the complex business of approving a wide variety of merchants, and automate manual underwriting workflows.

The guided underwriting functionality ensures your recommended procedures are integrated and followed, to help ramp up new team members in no time.

You’re now in control of progressive and/or stepped underwriting. Set thresholds to automatically approve or decline applications, and only flag underwriters for applications that truly need manual review.

Merchant ScanXpress is the operating system of your dreams, for risk management automation.

Ready to ten-fold your new merchant applications without adding more people.

Now, it’s up to you.

Adapt in real-time to exploit new opportunities, or risk falling behind.

Gain complete control over your risk scoring with Merchant ScanXpress, and have the flexibility to grow your portfolio with the rapidly changing
business landscape.

Connect with us now to learn how you can leverage the power of intelligent underwriting and see it in action.