ScanX Meets The Leading Payments Industry Platform

May 18, 2022

ScanX Meets IRIS CRM from Agreement Express on Vimeo.

Introducing the first Agreement Express and IRIS CRM integration.

Video Script:

In this video, we’re going to walk through the agreement express IRIS CRM integration for merchants Express. Let’s kick things off by looking at how you can use your IRIS CRM platform to trigger real risk underwriting in ScanX. All you have to do is select an IRIS CRM lead status for one of your merchants to indicate that you’re ready for underwriting. In this example, you can select from multiple customs status fields in your lead to trigger a standard risk review, partner or sales channels specific review models, or enhance due diligence based on your needs. Now, let’s fire up ScanX as a member of your risk underwriting or fraud teams. We can see the overall score, a summary of different scores that have triggered which we can resolve and address or rerun services if the date was incorrect. When we’re ready to make a decision we can choose to approve, decline, pend, or cancel those merchant applications. As soon as you make a decision, data will be synced back to your IRIS CRM platform in real-time. Once your customer is boarded and live you can launch real-time risk monitoring from in Agreement express or directly in your IRIS CRM platform. In this example, we can select from numerous different risk monitoring scorecard types. We can do a full risk scan, web call monitor, risk exposure calculations credit monitoring, or OFAC sanction monitoring.

Agreement Express offers an IRIS CRM integration manager toolset that allows you to easily sink data between the two systems. This can be used both to send data from agreement express to lead records in IRIS CRM, or to kick off scorecards merchant applications or other workflows in Agreement Express when status updates are made in IRIS CRM.

This has been a brief introduction to the Agreement Express x IRIS CRM integration toolset. If you have any questions you can reach out to or your IRIS CRM account manager. Thank you!