Risk Scorecard

Automate your underwriting, KYC, AML, and risk assessment due diligence with this complete tool. It's just one piece of our end-to-end merchant onboarding platform.

Automated merchant underwriting for payments

Maximize Revenue
up to 20%*

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Intelligent Business Insight
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Faster Approvals
up to 60%*

Reduce the time and cost of underwriting

To satisfy new expectations established by industry disruptors, payments organizations must expedite their sales process to achieve faster time to revenue and remain competitive. The Risk Scorecard works as one piece of the underwriting and risk assessment platform, which significantly reduces the time and cost of underwriting. It increases application volume and provides smart analytics to guide decisions, while mitigating risk and providing an audit trail.

How automated underwriting benefits your business

Acquirers, Front-End Processors & Sponsor Banks

Oversight into channel partner decisions

Automate more risk decisions and increase merchant acquisition velocity. Conduct automated underwriting at scale as your merchant and submerchant business grows, with oversight into channel partner risk decisions. Gain KYC and KYCC (know your customer’s customer) insight at a glance with smart reporting.

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Why your risk model will continue to fail

Automated underwriting is a key component to getting faster, but if the model isn't set up properly first, you could increase risk exposure. This paper summarizes the pitfalls and best practices for risk models and automated underwriting.


Payment Facilitators & Payment Service Providers

Out-of-the-box KYC and AML coverage

Whether you’re experienced or new to underwriting, our cloud-based Underwriting as a Service (UWaaS) gets you set up and assessing risk fast. We partner with key acquirers to ensure your models are aligned so the merchants you want to approve are more likely to get their stamp of approval.

How ISVs and ISOs can control the customer experience without the risk

What’s the main thing that payment facilitators have that ISVs and ISOs don’t? They control the merchant experience in ways...

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Accept payments faster

Provide your merchants with a frictionless application experience that accelerates near-instant approvals for payment acceptance like a payment facilitator. Leverage third-party data, instant field validation, and merchant profiles to gather less information upfront while getting a more holistic view of who they are.


Business insights with one click

Automating a large portion of the underwriting process allows the underwriting team to spend more time focusing on complex decisions and reviewing simple automated ones rather than finding and interpreting all of the information themselves. Focus on potentially risky merchants and gain risk insights at a glance.

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6 Key Underwriting Risk Challenges & Solutions

Underwriting teams are being asked to approve more merchants, faster to compete with new industry standards set in place by the likes of payment facilitators. Here are six ways to make an underwriter’s life easier.

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Are you in the USA?

The FinCEN Final Rule makes it mandatory to conduct customer due diligence on up to four beneficial owners. Read about how Agreement Express automates this process.

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