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How It Works — How It Increases Processing Volume — How It Grows Your Merchant Portfolio

As your business grows, you can't afford an overly manual underwriting process. Merchant ScanXpress is your end-to-end underwriting automation and growth engine.

The Merchant ScanXpress Custom Risk Scorecard at a glance

Risk Profile icon

Risk Profile

Creates a risk profile from the merchant application and third-party data sources. We offer full integration with all leading third-party services.

Customize Your Scoring Model icon

Customize Your Scoring Model

Score each merchant against a complex and fully customizable scoring method. We offer more than 100 pre-built scorecard rules to help you make the right choice for your business.

Intelligent Automation icon

Intelligent Automation

Set risk flags to approve or reject merchants based on your business’s unique risk tolerance. The "best" and "worst" applications are automated so your underwriters can handle higher volume.

Recommendations icon


Recommends which applications to take a closer look at before receiving manual underwriter approval.

Components of the risk model

From Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) due diligence to custom risk scoring, Merchant ScanXpress is your end-to-end solution for growing your bottom line.


Identity icon


Know the identity of the merchant and business owners.

Validity icon


Confirm the business your merchant is really involved in.

Legitimacy icon


Ensure the business is a bona fide business.


Financial Acceptability icon

Financial Acceptability

Determine if the merchant fits the financial constraints of your business.

Processing Risk Level icon

Processing Risk Level

Evaluate the level of risk associated with the merchant.

Optimizing Your Underwriting Engine

Double efficiency with these actionable tips!

If you're looking to grow processing volumes then Merchant ScanXpress is the fully customizable solution for growing the bottom line.

Discover how the digital transformation of the payments industry is about more than just automation. Merchant ScanXpress harnesses the value of automation and digitalization to open new doors for your business.

Are you in the USA?

The FinCEN Final Rule makes it mandatory to conduct customer due diligence on up to four beneficial owners. Read about how Agreement Express automates this process.

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