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Our vision is simple, connected, intelligent onboarding for RIA's. Agreement Express and TD Ameritrade Institutional believe technology should be agile to keep pace with the rapidly changing market, giving wealth management firms the flexibility required to remain competitive.

We are committed to ensuring that RIA’s achieve exceptional client experience and operational control which is why we’ve collaborated to enable straight-through processing for new account openings within the Veo Platform.

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How it works

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Less Paper, Better Work.

Automate complex steps

Automating the complex and manual steps in your onboarding process will enable your firm to spend less time on administration and more time on revenue-generating activities. Agreement Express and TD Ameritrade Institutional support workflow automation for broker transitions, new account opening, account maintenance, alternative placements, and other processes. In addition to your TD Ameritrade Institutional account forms and registration types, your firms can also include proprietary documents like ADVs, welcome letters, or any other documentation, tailored to each client experience.

Operational Reporting & Compliance

While you run your day to day business, Agreement Express captures all of the operational data related to onboarding, including new account opening rate and efficiency, NIGO causes and internal bottlenecks for a goldmine of insight. Live audit trails of each engagement provide RIAs with rich, actionable data points on how to iterate and improve the onboarding process while remaining compliant with regulations.

Client Experience

From a client's first interaction with your firm, Agreement Express enables a fully digital, frictionless experience. Clients can receive, complete, and sign on any desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Thanks to integrations with CRM systems and Books of Record, agreements will be auto-filled with known client information making changes to existing documentation or adding new products fast and simple. Once captured, client data is available for reuse and interpretation throughout the lifecycle, presenting valuable opportunities for your firm to make incremental and holistic improvements to the overall client experience.

Key Features

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Veo® Straight Through Processing

Agreement Express takes your firm beyond digital forms and signatures and provides network-enabled onboarding. Access and submit your digital TD Ameritrade Institutional custodial accounts within the Agreement Express platform. Real-time network updates allows your firm to stay compliant with the latest TD Ameritrade Institutional onboarding materials to keep pace with changing regulatory requirements.

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Landing Pages

Enter client data into a dynamic web form and automatically populate TD Ameritrade Institutional forms and proprietary documents like ADVs and welcome letters. Data only needs to be entered into the web form once and can reused, making adding new products fast and simple.

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CRM Integration

Agreement Express provides an open API giving us the ability to integrate with industry leading CRMs. Integration into your firm's CRM can be configured to push and pull data, eliminating the need to manually re-key information.

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Digital Signature

TD Ameritrade Institutional accepts the Agreement Express digital signature for all e-signature approved account types. Our priority signature uses a two-factor authentication process to verify identify which means your clients will never be asked to answer personal questions to use our digital signature. Learn more about the accounts that are e-signature approved here.

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Compliance and Security


Data and files in Agreement Express can be archived in a non-rewritable, non-erasable format for compliance with Rule 17a-4(f) of the Securities and Exchanges Act (SEA).

SOC 2 Compliant

Our data management and security procedures are regularly audited to ensure they protect the interests of your organization and the privacy of your clients.

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A cookie-cutter approach to client onboarding can fall short of delivering customers with the personalized experience they expect. Agreement Express provides flexibility throughout the platform, allowing clients or advisors to rewind transactions or print off document packages at any stage without friction.

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With paper processes creating costly inefficiencies, and innovative fintech startups coming for your customers, you can’t afford to not have a fast, digital, fully integrated client onboarding process.

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