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Learn how Agreement Express can be your custodial digital platform for new account openings and simplify your paper process for new account openings.

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Trusted by your custodians

Whether your firm deals with a single or multiple custodians, we have you covered. Agreement Express works with top custodian platforms to ensure seamless account opening, giving you the flexibility that you need to grow your firm. From digital form submission to straight through processing, we integrate with the custodians that you trust with your client assets.

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Reduce your NIGO rate to virtually zero

Operations teams, rejoice. Say goodbye to incorrect client data. Our landing pages validate information for you in real-time, and immediately alert you to anything that might be amiss. And by automatically prepopulating client data throughout every form, you’ll never have to manually enter the same information twice.


The State Of Digital Onboarding in Wealth Management

Over 600 RIA Firms in the US were surveyed and benchmarked on the state of their digital onboarding in 2018. Check out this infographic to find out what we learned.

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Optimize your client and advisor experience

Our landing pages provide you and your clients with a simple, guided experience. Data is validated in real-time, and there’s no stress in figuring out what goes where. No more overwhelming forms with skipped fields, missing information, or incorrect data. Spend less time on paperwork and more time with your clients.


Your Guide to Digital Client Experience

Today's investors expect to interact with advisors from their home or on the go, open accounts quickly using their smartphones and for their account information to always be accurate and up to date. Download this e-book to learn how wealth management firms are using customer experience to achieve faster growth and revenue.

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Automated Advisor Transitions

Transition your clients in days, not months.

Save time with fully automated advisor transitions. Quickly re-paper thousands of accounts, view real-time tracking of transitions, and view an audit trail for compliance.

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With paper processes creating costly inefficiencies, and innovative fintech startups coming for your customers, you can’t afford to not have a fast, digital, fully integrated client onboarding process. Schedule a call and let's talk.

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