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Productivity View: illuminate opportunities

Once transactional data is captured in Agreement Express, it’s available for re-use and interpretation and can be drilled into at the micro level as needed, or in aggregate form. Productivity View combines real-time reporting, predictive analytics and data visualization for the ultimate spotlight on your company’s transactions and teams.

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How it's done

Step 1

In your Workspace, click Reports on the left-hand side menu.

Productivity view 1

Step 2

In the Reports section, click Productivity View.

Productivity View 2


You’ll start by seeing statistics about the volume, speed, and error rate for each Transaction Type configured within Agreement Express.

Productivity View 3
Transaction Type Speed thumb

Transaction Type speed at a glance

One of the major advantages of the Agreement Express platform is the ability to simplify complex processes and workflows and use the data for faster decisions. Simple heat mapping elements give you instant visibility into efficiencies and bottlenecks in real-time.

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How it's done

Early/Late Indicator

The early/late indicator is used to show Transaction Types that are on average processing faster or slower than the service expectation. In Transaction Configuration, your organization can set a Service Level Objective for how quickly each transaction type should be completed.

Transaction Type Speed 1

Card Banner

The card banner color varies between light and dark blue depending on the average speed relative to the other cards. In the transaction view, the average of each transaction type is calculated for the time period you select. Transactions that, on average take 10% longer than other transactions will be displayed with a dark blue header. Those that take 10% average less time than the others are displayed with a light blue header.

Landing Page Effectiveness thumb

Review the effectiveness of your landing pages

With Productivity View, you can toggle into a view of your landing pages, if your organization has them set up. Use this data to determine the effectiveness of each individual landing page, process bottlenecks and areas of design weakness in forms and templates.

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How it's done

Summary Bar

The blue summary bar shows average time to complete the landing page, minimum/maximum time to complete, a forecast and active transactions.

Landing Page Effectiveness 1

Performance Graph

The performance graph shows traffic on the Y axis and time on the X axis.

Performance Indicators

The performance indicators show the average amount of time it takes users to complete the landing page when compared to the maximum amount. Use this information to identify pages that might be improved with re-engineering.

Landing Page Effectiveness 3

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