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We're always innovating with new features and functionality to help build the optimal onboarding path. We update on a regular bi-weekly release schedule, with nothing to install on your end. Review the highlights from our recent releases and get familiar with what's new.

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Click to Agree. As easy as it gets.

Click to Agree is a new signature type that makes signing as easy as a single click.

Agreements completed by Click to Agree on the signature block appear on the audit trail as normal, with the date and time stamp of the interactions, along with the option of adding an IP address.

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How it's done

This feature requires the setup of a Click to Agree template for your organization. Contact your Agreement Express customer success manager for details on configuration.

Step 1

Once your organization’s Click to Agree template is set up, it will appear in your template selection when you click the pink Floating Action Button (FAB). Select the template and set up your agreement.

Click to Agree 1

Step 2

Upon launching the agreement, the recipient simply clicks the signature block, then hits Save and Send.

Click to Agree 2
Multiple Signers thumbnail

In-person signing: white-glove service, digitally enabled

When client service requires face-to-face interaction, we make in-person signing seamless and convenient. Your signers can sign in sequence on a single device, without having to relaunch the transaction.

This feature is disabled by default, but can be enabled on a per-company basis.

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How it's done

Step 1

When publishing the agreement, toggle the option for “There are multiple signers with me.”

Step 2

Once opened as a signer, the agreement is published and you can choose which signer to open as. When the first recipient completes signing, the popup appears to open as the next signer.

Date and IP thumbnail

Powerful identity verification with date and IP stamp

Did you know you can configure signature blocks to display the date stamp and IP address of where and when the agreement was signed? This enhanced identity verification gives your compliance team peace of mind when it comes to security records and KYC.

Show Me How

How it's done

When adding a new signature block, check the boxes to include date stamp of when the signature was placed and the IP address of where it was signed.

Where it appears

The date/IP stamp will appear underneath the signature.

Date and IP 2

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