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We're always innovating with new features and functionality to help build the optimal onboarding path. We update on a regular bi-weekly release schedule, with nothing to install on your end. Review the highlights from our recent releases and get familiar with what's new.

Sticky Notes intro image

Add Context With Sticky Notes

Ever wish you could add a personalized note to your recipient inline with the text of the agreement? Well now you can. Drop in a Sticky Note to guide the recipient to specific areas of the document, providing comments or instructions where needed.

Upon sending, Sticky Notes cannot be edited, but can be moved or toggled on/off by both the publisher and recipient. Once the transaction is complete, Sticky Notes are discarded.

Show Me How

How it's done

Step 1

In the Publisher View, select “Place Sticky Note” and add a text comment.

Step 2

Drag the Sticky Note to the intended section of the agreement.

Finding your notes

Sticky Notes are accessible at-a-glance within the Comments of the agreement and will be recorded in the expanded card view for your audit trail.

Bulk Send intro image

Save Countless Hours With Bulk Send

Bulk Send enables delivery to multiple recipients simultaneously, saving hours of time in paperwork. Each recipient gets the same email message, however, they each receive their own unique package of documents, pre-populated with unique field data. Simply upload your recipient file as a .csv and follow three easy steps to complete the send.

Once deployed, the comprehensive Timeline view will provide insight into quality and speed of completed agreements. Review the progress and bottlenecks, adding resources where necessary.

Show Me How

How it's done

Step 1

Check “Bulk Send” and choose your template.

Step 2

In the Bulk Send wizard, select a distribution list or upload a .csv file. You may also indicate whether the list of transactions will be created as drafts, or sent out directly to the recipients.

Bulk Send 2

Step 3

Add a subject and an optional message to be sent to the recipients. You may also add tags to make transactions easier to sort and review.

Bulk Send 3

Step 4

Once you click send, you’ll be given the opportunity to preview the agreement or begin sending the agreement to your recipients.

That’s it. Once complete, your agreements will appear in your Workspace.

Bulk Send is particularly useful for broker transitions, significantly reducing the time spent on repapering a new book of business. Learn More

Bulk Send with Attachments intro image

Customize Bulk Sends With Attachments

We took Bulk Send a step further by enabling the ability to send transactions that contain unique attachments. This can be performed by generating the transactions with a csv upload and adding an Attachment column to the upload. Once the zip file is prepared, it’s a simple matter of creating a Bulk Send for the transaction and when the file is uploaded, the attachments will be deployed to the intended recipient.

Best of all, attachments can be unique to the individual recipient. Your Bulk Send capability just got more powerful.

Show Me How

How it's done

Step 1

Add an “attachment” column to your .csv and add your file names, separated by commas.

Bulk Send with Attachments 1

Step 2

Package your entire .csv and all attachments into one zip file.

Step 3

Create a bulk send for the transaction, uploading the zip file instead of the single .csv.

Step 4

Follow the instructions for Bulk Send above.

Access Protection intro image

Increased Security With Access Protection

Sometimes it’s worth adding an extra layer of access protection to a highly sensitive document. Multi-factor verification addresses the risk of your agreement email having gone to the wrong person by enabling an optional access code on the template in a transaction. If the access protection is set, the recipient can’t unlock the document without the access code.

Show Me How

How it's done

Set and share the access code

Set the access code on the template in a transaction. Contact the recipient in advance to share the code.

Reports intro image

Powerful New Reports for Operational Excellence

Most back-office inefficiencies are hidden in seemingly small processes. Having visibility into the root cause of these gives you the intelligence you need to identify areas for operational improvement. The new Rewind and NIGO reports provide the valuable insight you need to pinpoint where the inefficiencies lie.

Show Me How

How it's done

Where to find your reports

Access these and other insightful reports by visiting the Reports section of Agreement Express in your left hand menu. Please note in order to access these reports, your organization must have Rewind by Reason configured. Contact your customer success manager for more information.


Not In Good Order refers to inconsistent or missing application information. Client abandonment is often 50% of the NIGO rate. Our new reports provide valuable insight by highlighting NIGO Rates and monthly Total Completed.

Reports 1

Rewind by User and Reason

Rewind is an incredibly powerful feature designed to reduce the need to cancel incorrect agreements and simplify resubmission. You can now gauge who rewinds most frequently and why, and consequently turn the insight into operational efficiencies.

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